Don’t fight by text!

Don’t fight by text!

The next time you find yourself getting ready to send that angry, sarcastic, accusatory message on your phone, don’t do it! There are many reasons not to, and later you will probably be happy that you stopped yourself. Much is at risk when texting your emotions to a partner or friend!

We all rely on our phones to communicate our every thought, feeling and desire to those closest to us. But this over-reliance can result in permanent harm and damage to our relationships. When you put something out there by text, you can never take it back. You may type things you greatly regret. Your words may be mean, childish, impulsive, or hurtful. In your anger, you may not have thought through the implications of your message. Take a breath and think carefully about that text you are about to send to someone you care about!

Messages are often misinterpreted or misread when one or both of you are in a heightened emotional state. Texting does not convey emotion very well and you always lose the benefit of eye contact, body language and tone of voice. Without those critical elements of communication, much can get lost in translation. This then often leads to unnecessary emotional conflict or damaged feelings.

Punctuation such as exclamation points or capital letters can MAKE IT WORSE!!! (See?) And once it’s been sent, it is impossible to take back a damaging text. Your message is out there for all time.

So, if you are upset and need to vent, do it in person!