Loss and College

Loss and College



Are your kids going to college now or in the next few weeks? This is the time of year when families take their children to distant schools and drop them off for nine months. It can be very hard on you, the parent, as well as the student. You may be putting on a brave face, but in reality, the presence of loss is real and powerful at this transitional time in your life. You may not equate this with other losses, such as death or relationship breakups, but some of the dynamics of grief are the same:

Depression may present itself
• Physically you may have uncomfortable symptoms, such as sleep changes or weight loss
• You may feel helpless
• Anger may come and go
• Loneliness is to be expected

So, do not ignore these important signs or shrug them off. These reactions to your child leaving are common and widespread but minimizing your feelings of loss at this time can make things worse. Perspective and unbiased understanding are needed to help you through the difficult weeks or months ahead. Professional help may be needed. Grief can become an actual clinical depression if not treated!

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