Divorce Issues


During or after divorce, people seek help with parenting, post-divorce relationships, blended family issues, financial concerns, child custody conflicts, time management, and family conflict, to name a few.

Clients frequently exhibit anger, depression, frustration and resentment, particularly in the early stages of post-divorce separation. Other problematic times are pre-divorce fighting and separation, legal proceedings, child custody changes, physical moving dates, and holidays or special occasions. Selling the family home is also a stressful and emotional time. Telling friends and family about the divorce is difficult and often delayed.

Divorce can be damaging to childless couples as well as parents and both present different challenges. The separation prior to divorce often is not well planned by the spouses and therapy is often begun late in the conflict. The good news is – the relationship can often be helped, whether people have formally decided to divorce or not. Becker Counseling can help make the process less confrontational and negative. Therapy can assist with acceptance of this major life change and transition to the new lifestyles encountered.

divorced parents

Divorced Parents

Parents who get divorced have the added stress of facing a life of raising their children individually or with a new partner.  This is especially difficult if the children are school aged. Custody may be shared and visits may have to be scheduled.  New people suddenly may be raising the children and this can be extremely uncomfortable for all.  Parents are usually not happy with living arrangements and often resent their former partner and complain about the legal process. Becker Counseling can help identify some coping solutions and communication suggestions that ultimately benefit all parties, especially the children.

Counseling can be entered together or individually, both being beneficial. It depends on the situation. Ideally the children are already in therapy with a child specialist and are being treated for their particular stressors.

Some positive outcomes of therapy related to divorce include: agreements and “negotiations” conducted in sessions regarding the children and some additional parenting skills. Education about multiple parent figures and combined family dynamics might be covered, as well as financial anxieties. Loss and sadness are universal in divorce and grief therapy may be required. Family therapy with all parties is often necessary. Any way you look at it, the situation is tough – but, seeking counseling is a step in the right direction.

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