Bob Becker Attends Conference – “Overcoming Divorce One Marriage at a Time”

Bob Becker Attends Conference – “Overcoming Divorce One Marriage at a Time”


On April 13, 2018 I attended this conference, put on by the Central Chapter of the NJAMFT.  The spring 2018 Workshop was interesting and a wonderful topic for my Marriage and Couples Counseling Practice.  Held at Seton Hall University and presented by Eric Kispert, LCSW, LCADC – there were many good learning objectives for therapists to put into real world applications.

Here is an overview of the Workshop:

Overcoming Divorce One Marriage at a Time: A Primer on Relational Life Therapy

Created by the renowned marital therapist and best-selling author Terry Real, Relational Life Therapy is designed to go right to the core of marital conflict and quickly make positive, lasting change. During this workshop, therapists will receive a comprehensive overview of the model and of the elements that distinguish it from other therapies.

In addition, attention will be given to the societal shift away from the traditional patriarchal marriage to one rooted in respect and collaboration. During a discussion on RLT skills, opportunity will be interwoven for individuals to explore their own primary relationship. Ultimately, participants will leave this training with tangible skills they can begin using in their next couple’s session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the RLT model
  • Utilize the Relational Grid™ as a road map for change
  • Identify & optimize leverage to shift the relational dance
  • Learn five major RLT skills
  • Increase awareness of professional edges

About Our Speaker:
Eric Kispert, LCSW, LCADC has been a clinician for 22 years. He is a master certified therapist from Terry Real’s Relational Life Institute, one of only 40 in the nation to receive this designation. Eric received his Master of Social Work and graduated with honors from Marywood University.

In 2000, Eric founded Denville Family Counseling and is its Director. Eric is a consulting therapist to the New York and Newark offices of the FBI. In addition, Eric has been an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work for 17 years.

Eric has lectured extensively on the topics of marital therapy, male intimacy and addictions.