Social Media and Technology – The good, the bad and the ugly.

Social Media and Technology – The good, the bad and the ugly.


The growing trend of technology abuse is causing anxiety and relationship problems.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology and devices?  Has social media caused you to be jealous of your friends, envy other peoples’ vacations, get angry about a posting, have a problem with your kid’s inappropriate comments, find out someone is cheating on you, caused money issues? Do you hate Pokémon Go, wasting money on gambling, finding inappropriate photos on a loved one’s device, endless Facebook status updates, valuable time spent on gaming, Snapchat selfies, sketchy dating sites, Twitter nonsense, boring LinkedIn articles?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re not alone. The counseling field is seeing a growing trend in technology abuse and the emotional collateral damage it causes in relationships.

Social Media and technology is overwhelming, sometimes annoying and let’s face it – ADDICTIVE. Even though many of the frustrations listed exist, or caused you relationship problems or anxiety – YOU still engage yourself. You feel conflicted – because you LOVE your device too.

For example – searching on Google is great. Life is so much easier, right?  The internet has many CONVENIENT aspects – you can book a flight, find a recipe, learn how to build a skateboard ramp, buy toilet paper, see photos from the Bruce Springsteen concert – the accessibility to information is ENDLESS and can be attained in a matter of SECONDS – this alone is probably the most seductive factor.

But with the good, comes the “bad”. Unfortunately you can’t escape it.  Ironically, social media has made our society LESS social. You look at it while you’re driving (admit it).  It’s very expensive.  It almost paralyzes you, so that you’re uncomfortable without your phone.  You lose verbal cues and have to wonder whether someone texting you is mad. Tone is often misinterpreted via text, email and social media conversations. No one writes letters anymore. No one writes anything.  Our attention span is shorter. Actual phone conversations are becoming obsolete. Passive aggressive behaviour is growing (because you can hide behind a keyboard)…and actual human engagement is lessening. This is the “ugly”.

The tough part is – technology and social media are going to continue to grow exponentially and forever be an integral part of how we communicate as a culture. Here’s what you CAN do – make a concerted effort not to let it take over your life, affect you mentally and emotionally. You can be in control and cognizant of the downfalls and triggers it evokes. There are ways to address all of the “bad parts”. Call Becker Counseling today at 732.406.4422 and make an appointment so we can discuss good practices on navigating social media and methods to eliminate some of the negative ways it affects your life and relationships.