Spring Cleaning Your Stuff

Spring Cleaning Your Stuff


Now that its warmer outside, and people start cleaning their homes, it’s a good time to clean out your own “stuff”. Your issues. Maybe you’re still struggling with the same stuff you had after the last time you cleaned. Have you tried but not succeeded in throwing out or changing the stuff that burdens you? It’s not old clothes that are the problem.

Take stock of what you like and don’t like about yourself and your life. Make an honest and critical assessment of this stuff and decide what you really need to work on. What stuff holds value for you? What stuff is really not crucial and can be gotten rid of?

As they say, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. But it’s actually NOT all small stuff. Focus on the big stuff! The important things. Look objectively at those difficult challenges and decide if they are actually meaningful and important.

Some stuff may be out of your control. Accept that stuff, learn to live with it, and move on with your life. Look ahead, not back.

How many of those stuff-related problems are YOU causing? Own that stuff and do something about it. Don’t blame others for your own actions. Take responsibility.

How much stuff is from other people? Maybe you should move on from those stuff-creators. Or address that in counseling. Maybe confront that person directly. Whatever works for you.

This stuff will not clean itself up. Inaction is your enemy. Get help if you need it. You can do it, but do it now. Clean out your stuff!

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