Tech Addiction – is your loved one addicted to the internet?

Tech Addiction – is your loved one addicted to the internet?

Technology Addiction

Is your loved one always on the phone or computer? Are they addicted to their tech?

Tech addiction is a common and serious issue.

Do you think a family member or friend is addicted to using electronic devices, adult websites, gaming, social media, etc.? You are not alone.

Often clients come to counseling and complain of excessive or compulsive technology usage as a main issue. This addiction-like behavior can be a significant problem and may damage or ruin a significant relationship in your life. But these uses of technology are often socially accepted and now have their own officially accepted mental illness, Compulsive Internet Use.

People say their partners are posting suggestive photos and messages, gaming for hours, searching out former lovers, watching, sending and downloading questionable content. All of these can lead to social, relational, legal, marital, financial and even health problems. Physical infidelity often results. Intimacy disorders can be a side effect. Communication between couples and family are often impaired or minimized.

You may have been accused of spying on your partner’s technology and this can lead to mistrust and anger. You may be intimidated by the thousands of dating websites that are centered on physical relationships only. These may lead to serious problems in real-life relationships. Online dating can create dysfunctional relationships and often leads to depression and loneliness. Physical problems related to intimacy can result from technology abuse as well.

If any of this sounds too familiar, we can help you. If you believe you or a loved one may have a tech addiction, call Becker Counseling at 732-406-4422 and let’s work on a solution together.