How to Thrive in an Empty Nest

How to Thrive in an Empty Nest

There are many challenges that come with being a parent. One big challenge occurs when your children go off to college and you are left with an empty nest. While this time is difficult for many parents, there are ways to help make it exciting and even enjoyable.

Check out this article from The New York Times to learn ways to make the transition an exciting chapter for everyone.

Here are some quick pointers to how to readjust your life after your children have left:

Cope With the Empty Chair at the Table:

  • Accept your feelings
  • Make plans to see your teen
  • Schedule some fun

Stay Close When They’re Far Away:

  • Follow your teen’s lead
  • Grab a seat at the digital dinner table
  • Create new family traditions around college

Make the Most of This New Chapter:

  • Reconnect with long-lost friends
  • Set a long-term goal
  • Create new weekend routines

As Ms. Stiles’s son settled into freshman year, her feelings changed. She adds, “He was flourishing without us and we needed to flourish without him.”